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Eye Health

Eye exercises are an important way to strengthen our eye muscles and to improve and preserve our sight.  It is important not to over-do these exercises at the beginning, rather to gradually increase as you progress or your eyes may become very tired.  Consistency is best so try to do these exercises at the same time each day, pick a convenient time.  Each exercise is repeated ten times.

1.  Stand facing the wall in the center of the room.  Stand straight and do not move your head.  Have your eyes look horizontally from wall to wall.
2.  Look straight ahead, then move your eyes vertically from ceiling to floor.
3.  Hold your head rigid and rotate the eyes in a wide circle at your greatest point of vision, left to right.
4.  Repeat above, from right to left.
5.  Hold a pencil at the full length of your arm and focus your eyes on that pencil.  Then bring it slowly toward your nose, until it is flush with your face.  Then move it away and again keep your eyes focused on the pencil.  Toward and away is equal to one movement.
6.  Focus on a close object, then an object 20 feet away.  Cast your eyes slowly from one to the other.
7.  Now close your eyes just as hard as you can.  Open them as wide as you can.  Do it slowly for 10 times, then quickly 10 times.  This will help to increase the circulation of blood around your eyes.  Do these exercises with your glasses off.
8.  Never wash your eyes with a wash cloth.  Splash cold, clear water in your eyes every night and morning.  When cold water is splashed in the eyes, it stimulates circulation and gives the eyeballs a clear, brilliant effect, with a healthy glow.  Include a sufficient amount of Vitamin A in your diet.

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